Denaxas Lab

CALIBER logo Our lab runs CALIBER, a research platform that links electronic health records from primary care, coded hospital records on diagnoses and surgical procedures, socioeconomic deprivation information and cause-specific mortality data in England for ~10 million individuals. CALIBER enables researchers to recreate the longitudinal pathway of patients through healthcare settings and study disease onset and progression.

The CALIBER Portal is a a comprehensive, open-access resource providing the research community with information, tools and phenotyping algorithms for UK electronic health records data. The Portal contains 51 rule-based phenotyping algorithms using four national structured UK EHR data sources: primary care (Clinical Practice Research Datalink), hospitalizations (Hospital Episode Statistics) and mortality (Office for National Statistics). Phenoypes have been extensively validated by generating six layers of evidence: aetiological, prognostic, case-note review, genetic, cross-EHR and cross-country replication.